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La Hun Manuka Honey - From The Heavens of New Zealand

by Rob Upland
La Hun is the only Manuka Honey brand in the world that you can apply as part of your skincare routine and consume at the same time – Its unique beekeeping practise and secret formulation makes it the perfect to apply on your skin and consume!

Chemical Exfoliation (Pros & Cons)

by Reese Mangaoang
I’m sure you’ve heard before that you need to exfoliate for clean and healthy skin. Let’s take a deep dive into the world of chemical exfoliation!

Facial Exfoliation Tips from a Professional

by Reese Mangaoang

Let’s face it...not all facial exfoliators are created equal. It’s also rare that a product can be a one-size-fits-all kinda vibe. TESS is a rare exception; because the device is a facial cleansing device, not just an exfoliator- all skin types can benefit from using it. Though most of us can agree that it feels incredible to slough off that lackluster layer of skin that’s keeping us from shining like the radiant beings we truly are- we gotta know the 411 before tinkering with our delicate facial skin. 

Facial Care for Beginners

by Reese Mangaoang
Just like I wouldn’t know how to build a house, I don't expect others to know how to properly execute a facial routine. There’s a lot of misinformation out there and I want to quell your worries. I know that apprehension to performing a facial routine incorrectly can limit a person from doing it at all. Fear not, I gotchu!