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Facial Care for Beginners

Just like I wouldn’t know how to build a house, I don't expect others to know how to properly execute a facial routine. There’s a lot of misinformation out there and I want to quell your worries. I know that apprehension to performing a facial routine incorrectly can limit a person from doing it at all. Fear not, I gotchu!

How To Get Started

(The following facial routines are for a generalized guideline, please consult a professional if you are trying to correct a specific characteristic of your skin.)

An AM routine consists of a quarter size dab of an inactive, gentle (oil, balm, cream) cleanser.

  1. Slowly add water to the cleanser while in your palm before applying to the face.
  2. Massage into the skin with the entirety of your hands with sweeping motions, utilizing medium pressure for 1-2 minutes.
  3. Rinse entirely with cool water.
For your PM routine, you’ll do a second cleanse with the more active of the two as your second. As long as you’re not using an active cleanser, your second cleanse in the PM is when you’ll use your TESS.
The device whips or foams the cleanser and times out your cleansing areas for you. The vibrational technology of TESS takes the necessity of purchasing chemical or physical exfoliators out of the picture!

What is Toner?

Next is the toner. Toner is necessary to balance the pH of the skin after cleansing, for optimum penetration of products. Wait at least 3 minutes after application for the toner to adjust the pH, before putting on your eye cream/serum.

Eye Care products should start at the age of 15, due to the skin not having pores and the eye area being so delicate.

  1. Use a pearl size amount of the product onto the tips of your ring fingers and lightly tap the product along the outer area of the orbital ridge.
  2. Start on the outer corner of the eye and work underneath towards the nose, then from the outer corner and along the brow bone.
  3. Any excess can be applied to your lips.

Serums are next, and arguably the most important part of your skincare routine. They are typically the most expensive, concentrated and effective part of your regimen. For the most part, you want to layer your serums from thinnest to thickest, with a few exceptions.

  1. Use a pearl size mount on the pads of your fingers that you then pat and then swish un upward movements on your face and neck.
  2. Wait at least three minutes between each serum application for full product absorption.

Different AM/ PM Routines?

AM & PM routines are vastly different at this point. For AM routines, you want to use protective serums such as Vitamin C, and hydrating products, such as hyaluronic acid. In your PM regimen, you want to use anti-aging options, such as retinols.

Anti-aging products (besides retinols), such as acids, peptides, enzymes, etc., can be used during the day, but since the skin repairs at nights, they tend to be more beneficial then. If using photosensitive products during the day, use an SPF of 30-50 as your last skincare step, reapplying at least every 2 hours.

Moisturizer & Sunscreen

The last PM product and second to last AM product, is a moisturizer. You want to use 1-2 pearl size amounts, distributed onto the pads of your fingers and swiped with medium pressure in upwards motions all over the face.

In the AM, you want to follow with a physical sunscreen that DOES NOT have a multi-function. Chemical sunscreens are hard on the environment and your skin. Reapply sunscreen every two hours while even in indirect sunlight, such as driving a car.

Unfortunately there’s not one universal skincare routine for every person. However, now you're armed with the basic information on when and how to implement your facial regimen. As always, please consult a TESS representative for more in-depth and personalized information.

Reese M.
Master Esthetician Tess Consultant

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