About Us

We started Technologically Essential Skin Solutions in 2019 because we saw a problem in the market. The facial exfoliating brush’ we saw were wasteful, break down, and weren’t using the latest technology. 

Wasteful with your expensive cleanser that falls off the brush in the shower. Break down because they were built with cheap, not meant to last materials. Old technology, not using the latest and most innovative designs. 

We solved wastefulness with our auto-foaming technology, so you no longer use excess cleanser. We solved products breaking down with our top tier materials like our silicone bristles and rechargeable battery built to last. We solved old technology, putting the most innovative auto-rotating mechanisms in Tess. 

Tess was built for the best, now we are Hollywood celebrities' #1 recommended facial cleansing solution. The best is here with Tess.