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How It Works

Introducing the The Tess Gen 1 Exfoliator 

TESS is the only facial cleansing device on the market featuring built-in foaming technology and an incredible 10,000 sonic wave pulsations per minute. Translation? Effectively remove dirt, makeup residue, and excess oil like never before, leaving you with smoother, clearer looking skin.

TESS is easy to operate — at the touch of a button your personal face wash foams automatically and vibrates with 5 different washing methods.

  • Rinse your face with warm water.
  • Squeeze a dollop or dime amount of your favorite facial cleanser into the facial cleanser compartment located at the top of the device then add 3-5 drops of water on the front of the device.
  • Press “M” button and the device will automatically begin to dispense foam.
  • Press "M" a SECOND time to begin ‘Cleansing Mode’
  • Select one of the 5 levels of the preferred intensity by pressing the “L” button.
  • Press "M" TWICE to turn the device off.
  • With Micro Brushes facing toward you, massage the device in circular motions to cleanse your face, paying close attention to the T-zone and problematic areas where pores are likely to be clogged.
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