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How the TESS Cleansing Brush Works

TESS is super easy to operate — at the touch of a button your facial cleanser is whipped or foamed, automatically while sonic pulsations remove excess skin cells, environmental pollutants, topical products and excess oils utilizing 5 different cleansing methods.

  1. TESS was created to use with your second cleanse AT NIGHT.
  2. Cleanse with a gentle cleanser, first. It is best to utilize an oil, balm or cream cleanser, first. Manipulate on the skin with a light amount of water. This will remove surface debris. Cleanse with hands for one minute. Rinse.
  3. Next, add your favorite oil, balm, cream or gel cleanser to TESS. Add 3-5 drops of water to the bottom, front compartment. (It is not recommended to utilize a high percentage of acids with TESS)
  4. Enable the whipping/foaming technology.
  5. Press "M" a TWICE time to begin ‘Cleansing Mode’ with the Sonic Pulsations.
  6. Customize your cleansing by choosing your intensity level by pressing the “L” button (5 levels)
  7. The Sonic Vibrations will run for 1 minute- With the silicone bristles touching your skin, cleanse in small, circular motions for 12 seconds per quadrant of your face, and 12 on your T-zone.
  8. Press "M" TWICE to turn the device off.